New Spider- Man in Development

Spider- Man has been in films since the Toby Maguire trilogy back in 2002, now Badass Productions has started work on an adaptation of their own.

If anyone grew up in the 90’s they are sure to remember Spider- Man the animated series which some might say sparked the films, according to Badass Produtions the series is a huge inspiration behind the creation of this new film. “I liked the show when I was little, I guess when I saw the film when it first came out I loved it, but felt like it could have been done a little better and now here I am working on one of my own. Guess you could say they paved the way for future successes” says actor, producer, and writer Tyler Harris.

The film will be set after Peter is in college on a break with Mary Jane. Kitty Pride having some issues of her own, takes a trip to New York to see the sights when she runs into Spider- Man.

Heaven knows when this film will be ready but we hear from Harris it will be packed with action and be told and shot in a way you have never seen before! Check back for updates


Powder Film Announcement

New snowboard comedy announced by Badass Productions! Time to shred the knar bro and hit that pow pow this next one is going to be freezing to shoot so we hope you enjoy it.

In a small town a local semi- pro snowboarder hears about a tournament coming that if he won could finally put him on the map.

“I haven’t seen a good snowboard film since Out Cold back in 2001. I’ve been snowboarded for four years now, what kind of snowboard/filmmaker would I be if I didn’t make an awesome snowboard movie or three or six” says Tyler Harris owner.

The competition to take place will be vertical and will be accompanied by plenty of laughs and some ahhhs with a love interest.

Given their long lists of other projects I expect this one to take a while to see the light but we’ll keep everyone updated!

Nightwing talk with Believe Media

Badass Productions Spoke with Believe Media today about having their company hired for the production of Nightwing as well as hiring owner Tyler Harris for the lead part.

The owner of Believe Media is Zack Snyder director of the upcoming Justice League film. Zack Snyder is married to Debra Snyder executive producer of the upcoming Nightwing film.

As you may know director of the film Chris Mckay, in his words “It’s gonna be a f***ing badass action movie with a lot of heart and emotion. It’s gonna be a crazy, fun ride,”. Looks like Badass Productions just wants to live up to the directors vision and deliver a badass movie.

The film is still in the early stages of development and DC Entertainment has ordered a hold on films until they see the results of the release. So keep checking keep you updated on any new developments.
















Nazi Comedy

In Nazi Germany two Nazi solders stumble upon a Jewish interment camp and decide to defect but not before springing a Jewish man on death row, leading to a series of unfortunate events on their way to peace and freedom.

Today Badass Production presents a World War II comedy involving the Germans! “I’m German, I know the holocaust was fucked up but there were plenty of people that had no idea that people were being marched off to interment camps.” says Tyler Harris Actor/Executive/Writer of the film.

The main character stopping into the camp with his superior, finds out what they have been doing with the people they have been capturing. This leads him to go to one of his enlisted friends, a womanizer (a lover more then a fighter) to break the people of the camp out and head to allied territory, this is where they stumble on a quick witted Jewish man who wants to help out. The three of them are able to bust the people out and decide to team up on their journey across Europe.

At the moment the project is on hold but we’ll keep you updated!


African History Film

A war is roaming across West Africa in the 18th century; to protect his village, the leader of a small tribe makes planes to keeps his family and people safe.

Most people know the history of white Americans, the English escaping England to pursue religious freedom. Very few know the real story of how the African people had became slaves, this is their story.

Today, Badass Productions presents its first historic war movie. “I kept on hearing how white people had black slave’s way back when so I looked it up for itself. It turns out their story isn’t much different than ours. Back then Islam was spreading across Africa and there were people who opposed it, some of them were the ancestors of Americans today. With all the stuff going on today I want to set it straight that white people actually freed the slaves (after a while) says executive producer Tyler Harris.

Currently the company is working on other projects but this one is on their list.

Tribulation is Coming

At the end of time most of the good people have already left to heaven; now we are left with a harem of adulterous women and a womanizer who must fight off the army of evil with the help of an angel in hopes of saving his soul.

This is tribulation the christian, comedy, action film and latest masterpiece of Badass Productions.

“I thought about some badass scenes to use in the tribulation and to have a shot at fucking up the Devil in a fight and now this is my chance! This movie is going to be guns, tits, and fire. Get ready to see how the end goes (does not end well for the bad guy)” says executive producer Tyler Harris.

Like the other films this one is a work in progress. Harris is currently working on Gundam Wing and is a little busy but we will keep everyone updated!

Dragon Ball Z Film Finally

Once again Badass Productions has announced a big movie. This time it’s Dragon Ball Z. Anyone growing up in the 2000’s know’s of this epic show that just kicked so much ass, now this time we will get a quality movie. If anyone saw Dragon Ball Evolution they know the disappointment that was felt around the globe.

^Goku, White Guy, Green Eyes, Blonde Hair

“When we get this one started we’re going to use the frame work from super hero movies, that are making bank these days and going with a high budget. I see this one easily going to 200M. We’re going to need good everything, good director, good cast, writers, production designers, cinematographers, everything!” explains executive producer Tyler Harris.

The film will start at the beginning of one of the sages, they may start in the middle and work their way around. At the moment they’re in the brain storming stages but we’ll keep everyone updated!