Nightwing Casting Discussion

Warner Bros. today spoke to improv/theater actor Tyler Harris about possible casting for the new Nightwing film.

A Long Beach, CA native Tyler spent most childhood in Lakewood and most of his teens and early twenties in Las Vegas “picking up” women in his words. “I’ve been watching Batman ever since I can remember. Ever since Tim Burton’s first film, followed by Batman: The Animated Series and I’ve been hooked.”

According to Harris, he has been preparing for this role his whole life. “When I was in college I sold my car to get a street bike. I didn’t even have it a month and I was already popping up wheelies at every stop sign I came across.

Honestly, I probably watched too much TV growing up me and my friends would make weapons out of anything we could find and battle it out in the streets. My favorite was a staff we would make out of these pieces of wood that would hold up trees.” he says with a smile.

According to sources, it’s too soon to tell who we’ll see for the role but here’s for Tyler Harris in the running.


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