Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Film in the Works

Badass Production today announced they have started development on Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, a film based off of the hit 1995 animated sci-fi drama.

The film is planned to be a four-film of a direct adaptation of the series. “The series is too long and the story is too intricate to fit it into one film if we’re going to do it right we’re going to need to spread it out,” says actor-producer writer Tyler Harris.

The series is set in the distant future, where humanity has branched out to outer space to live in colonies. This causes stress between the people on earth who want to govern the colonies and the colonies who want to be free to live in peace. As tensions rise the pacifistic leader of the colonies is assassinated, causing war to break out. Year’s later five rebel scientist send five young pilots to earth on a mission to seek revenge.

“I hear a lot lately about ethnic diversity and realized I was seeing less Asian people than anyone else in film, that’s why I want to give the main role to an Asian actor who is also Asian in the series and change the ethnicity of the Arabic character in the show from blonde hair blue eyes to Middle Eastern. There is still an American in the cast and a personal favorite of mine which I’ll be playing” explains Harris.

While Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is still in the early stages of development, the producer looks like he has an idea of who he would want for the central role.


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