By Morning Light

A womanizing Las Vegas nightclub promoter seems to be living the dream the parties, the money, and the woman what more could he ask for? That’s until he falls for a pop star with ties to the Irish mob putting both their lives at risk. Now they must find a way to severe those ties if they ever want to make it work between them.

“I’m excited to be shooting this one in Vegas. I’ve had so many good nights on the strip, falling in love too many times to count; this movie just had to be made. A lot of people think of Las Vegas as Sin City I want people to see how I see it. There is a lot of love to be had here not just drunken one night stands, strippers, and hookers.” Actor/Producer/Writer Tyler Harris explains.

“I like the thought of using the Irish mob I was a big fan of the Black Donnellys back in 2007. That show never should have been canceled so I’m bringing the Irish mob back.”

We’ll keep you guys posted on updates, stay tuned!


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