New Film Scout Team Hero Announced

A low ranking NFL team decides to bring on a new player as the personal punching bag to boost team morale, to their surprise he brings the pain preparing the team for a winning season.

“Playing defensive line in highschool I had a lot of fun. I played both at Foothill High School in Henderson, NV and at Steamboat Springs High School in Steamboat Springs, CO and I brought the pain. I never really wanted to go anywhere with sports in high school, I did it for the girls. Being like this I never saw much playing time, there were people with higher aspirations in football than me and they defiantly put in the effort. This didn’t stop me from having fun though I got to knock their heads in practice. I think this helped them, after hitting me in practice the other team was nothing. Our freshman year at Foothill we went undefeated!” explains Tyler Harris actor, producer, and writer of the film.

When you go to see this film just be ready for some big hit! At the moment there is no release date as it’s still being written but we will keep you updated.






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