Metroid Film Announcement

When parasitic organisms known as Metroids are stolen by the infamous space pirates it is up to bounty hunter Samus Aran to retrieve them and stop the space pirates from their goal of interplanetary domination.

At long last, we have a shot at Metroid! Badass Productions has just announced their plans to develop a treatment for this long-awaited film. “We’re going to shoot for a stand-alone picture at the moment with the thought of a film series on our mind” explains producer Tyler Harris.

The film is set to be on Planet Zebes from the original Metroid and will follow the plot of the original 1988 video game. A difference that may be found in the film would be a helmet link to Adam for an additional character in the film.

Given the busy schedule of Badass Productions at the moment it might a while until we see this film but we’ll keep you guys updated!


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