New Pokemon Film in the Works

When an elite member of team rocket stumbles onto a dark secret within the company that could bring down humanity, he makes his mission to go against the company to protect humanity.

This is a new Pokemon movie in the works from Badass Productions. According to the producer, it’s a project that has been in the works now for a few years and while unrelated to Detective Pikachu they intend to give everyone a ride to remember.

The film will be set in Celadon City as a hybrid between the original Game Boy game and the animated series. The main character of the film will be a Team Rocket member and they’re shooting for the R rating to bring in the adult crowd who started everyone off with the original series (our first generations).

“We plan on mixing it in with Ash, Misty, and Brock so they may be introduced in the back story. I just want to start it out with a more adult theme. None of the people who played the series way back when our kids anymore but we still like the series. We have so many fond memories, with the obvious overnight success of Pokemon Go how could I not do this?says Executive Producer Tyler Harris.

As with their other films, this one might take a while to get going but we’ll keep you guys updated!


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