The Legend of Zelda Film Announced

Badass Productions today announced that they are currently working on a The Legend of Zelda film series.

“It’s been being asked for forever since I was playing Ocarina of Time so feel like it would only be fair to base it off of it. I know the films will be based of Ocarina of Time but I’m unsure how many films it’s going to take to get through the series. This is still just an idea but we’ll get these movies made.” explains actor, producer, writer Tyler Harris.

As some of you may already know The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has been praised by critics as being “the best game of all time” for both stories as well as music, things Badass Productions plans to implement into the films.

As for achievements for the game. “39 days before the end of the year; it earned $150 million in US revenues, higher than any Hollywood film in the last six weeks of 1998”,

As of now, the company is still working out the bugs on how to compress the game for the film but has said he will keep us updated.


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