Dragon Ball Z Film Finally

Once again Badass Productions has announced a big movie. This time it’s Dragon Ball Z. Anyone growing up in the 2000’s knows of this epic show that just kicked so much ass, now this time we will get a quality movie. If anyone saw Dragon Ball Evolution they know the disappointment that was felt around the globe.

^Goku, White Guy, Green Eyes, Blonde Hair

“When we get this one started we’re going to use the framework from superhero movies, that are making bank these days and going with a high budget. I see this one easy going to 200M. We’re going to need good everything, good director, good cast, writers, production designers, cinematographers, everything!” explains executive producer Tyler Harris.

The film will start at the beginning of one of the sages, they may start in the middle and work their way around. At the moment they’re in the brainstorming stages but we’ll keep everyone updated!


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