African History Film

A war is roaming across West Africa in the 18th century; to protect his village, the leader of a small tribe makes planes to keeps his family and people safe.

Most people know the history of white Americans, the English escaping England to pursue religious freedom. Very few know the real story of how the African people had become slaves, this is their story.

Today, Badass Productions presents its first historic war movie. “I kept on hearing how white people had black slave’s way back when so I looked it up for itself. It turns out their story isn’t much different than ours. Back then Islam was spreading across Africa and there were people who opposed it, some of them were the ancestors of Americans today. With all the stuff going on today I want to set it straight that white people actually freed the slaves (after a while) says executive producer Tyler Harris.

Currently, the company is working on other projects but this one is on their list.


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