Nazi Comedy

In Nazi Germany two Nazi soldiers stumble upon a Jewish internment camp and decide to defect but not before springing a Jewish man on death row, leading to a series of unfortunate events on their way to peace and freedom.

Today Badass Production presents a World War II comedy involving the Germans! “I’m German, I know the holocaust was fucked up but there were plenty of people that had no idea that people were being marched off to internment camps,” says Tyler Harris Actor/Executive/Writer of the film.

The main character stopping into the camp with his superior finds out what they have been doing with the people they have been capturing. This leads him to go to one of his enlisted friends, a womanizer (a lover more than a fighter) to break the people of the campout and head to allied territory, this is where they stumble on a quick-witted Jewish man who wants to help out. The three of them are able to bust the people out and decide to team up on their journey across Europe.

At the moment the project is on hold but we’ll keep you updated!



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