New Spider- Man in Development

Spider-Man has been in films since the Toby Maguire trilogy back in 2002, now Badass Productions has started work on an adaptation of their own.

If anyone grew up in the 90’s they are sure to remember Spider-Man the animated series which some might say sparked the films, according to Badass Productions the series is a huge inspiration behind the creation of this new film. “I liked the show when I was little, I guess when I saw the film when it first came out I loved it, but felt like it could have been done a little better and now here I am working on one of my own. Guess you could say they paved the way for future successes” says actor, producer, and writer Tyler Harris.

The film will be set after Peter is in college on a break with Mary Jane. Kitty Pride having some issues of her own takes a trip to New York to see the sights when she runs into Spider-Man.

Heaven knows when this film will be ready but we hear from Harris it will be packed with action and be told and shot in a way you have never seen before! Check back for updates


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