By Mornings Light Moving Foward

Now that we are done with the Gundam Wing film treatment it’s now time for them to start working on their next film, By Mornings Light. The film has changed since it was announced.

The film is set to be down in 2003 Las Vegas and will be featuring a song track to match. The main character will be a young female singer traveling on tour with her manager and another group consisting of another female singer and her abusive boyfriend. When they arrive at their designated hotel, they are quickly introduced to an assortment of staff to serve on them hand and foot, one of these people is a promoter and expert billiards player.  The singer becomes enticed by the promoter and his billiards team-leading towards the two of them to spiral into a series of events that ends with them falling for each other.

“I know Gundam took a month and a half for us to write but we’re going to try and write this one in a week. We learned a lot on the last one and feel we learned some shortcuts to speed up the process.” explains actor, producer, and writer Tyler Harris.

We’ll check back in a week and give you the update!


12 thoughts on “By Mornings Light Moving Foward

  1. Hi, thanks for reaching out! Right now we’re working on a comic book for one of the other series but will be presenting this film as well as our animal post apocalyptic film, and Gundam Wing at comic con and the American Film Market. If you would like to grab a copy of our comic we’ll be finishing that first.


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