Film Treatment Finished for Gundam!

“It took longer then we thought it was going to but we are confident the fans will be a fan of the film. The film is set to be part of a four-part series of films to get all the details in, having to condense so much into a short time we had to cut change the story a bit to be in film form. The good part is that unlike the series that ran somewhat like a soap opera there is pretty much action every five minutes and plenty of time to give most the characters their story time. I’m going to give you a little info beforehand so we won’t catch you by surprise. Trowa and Quatre’s parts were cut a little short so we could focus more on Heero, Duo, and Wufei. Sally was cut out entirely from this film but will be introduced into later films as well as expanding on Quatre and Trowa.” says Tyler Harris actor, producer, and writer of the film.

According to the team, Tony Gilroy and Roberto Orci are in the running for writing the script. Tony Gilroy, you will know for his work on the first four Bourne Films. Roberto Orci from Mission Impossible 3 and the first two Transformers films.

If you have seen the trailer for Ready Player One you might have caught a glimpse of a Gundam in there. Gundam is on the rise and the film is progressing we’ll keep checking in to give you our updates!


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